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T.C. Jewelry was founded in 1997, with 25 years of experience in jewelry manufacturing, repair, wholesale, and retail operations.  Our staffs have qualified expertise in custom design and jewelry repair that will guarantee each customer's satisfaction. The store master jeweler specializes in hand-made repairs and jewelries.  

T.C. Jewelry only offers the best in customer service, craftsmanship, creativity, details, and value. This store also provides excellence in price and wide-range of selections. Because it is a family owned and operated store, relationships with all cliental are important. Each customer can feel a warm and inviting atmosphere in the store.

Due to the fact that T.C. Jewelry are family-owned, there are decades of honesty, integrity and expertise. Customer's trust is paramount that is why all that is promised will be delivered. We are driven by the changes and demands of today's standards. Other trends might come and go but valuable jewelries never does. That is why we pay significant attention on detail, lasting quality and style. 


Locally owned

TC Jewelry invested in Vernon Hills to help build a future for our business, our families and our neighbors. Our convenient location means you not only know our services and products better, but you know us better too.  And in turn we learn more about the kinds of things you want us to provide.

When you do business with local companies like ours, more money stays right here in our community rather than going to other states or countries.  Like you, we want to keep our local economy vital and growing, because it is our home too.
One of the things we love about our community is its appreciation and support of entrepreneurs.  This attracts others wanting to start a business. When we encourage small businesses, our economy becomes stronger, and our lives are richer both now and for generations to come.
Thank you for buying local.

People you trust

Jewelry is very personal.  It is sometimes handed down through generations. It’s often a gift from a close friend or loved one.  Sometimes it’s just something special you do for yourself. Whatever inspires jewelry, it is often a symbol of something meaningful.  We understand.

It can be hard to hand over an heirloom for repair, sizing, cleaning or conversion.  And when you are choosing something wonderful for someone you love to celebrate their event, you want it to be a piece they will treasure always.  We understand that too.

When you shop at TC Jewelry, you are getting 4 decades of when you walk past the name on the door:  quality, value, and integrity from Accredited Jewelry Professionals. Having a trusted and reliable jeweler is the difference between waiting in line at a service desk or on hold and talking directly to the owner.  
We’re glad you trust your jewelry decisions to us.

Made in America

Even though today’s market is global, more than ever, people understand the value of purchasing things that are made right here in America.  Like buying local, buying American strengthens our economy.

Most everything we sell at TC Jewelry is made in the USA.

On-site services

At TC Jewelry all work is performed on-site.  Whether you are having a gemstone replaced, a ring resized, a pendant cleaned, pierced earrings converted, or a bracelet repaired, services will be done right here in our store.  It is the way we have always done business.

The same is true for the jewelry we make.  In our workshop we create one-of-a-kind jewelry that starts with intricate wax carvings inspired by the customer. Gemstone settings and rhodium plating are also done in our shop.
You need never worry about one of your treasured pieces leaving the premises while in for sizing, cleaning, repair or gem replacement.  We do the work ourselves from beginning to end, and we stand behind everything we do.
You’re always welcome here.

Consistently high quality

It’s disappointing when the quality you count on from a store is hit or miss.  That’s why we hold ourselves to the highest standards in everything we do, every time we do it.  It just makes sense.

Our reputation was not built on taking shortcuts and farming out our work to someone else. We wouldn’t be in business for long if that were the case. Because we control all aspects of creation, we can ensure consistently high quality results for you.
You’ll never find something in our store that doesn’t measure up to our other work.  It’s our promise to you.  You’ll also never find us using conflict diamonds or gemstones acquired through slave labor.  What you will find is conflict free diamonds and gemstones sourced from reputable companies.
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